McDonald’s? Cancelled

Picture this: a restaurant that serves cheap, artery-clogging, diet killing foods, has terrible employees, and a clown as the face of their company. You know what that sounds like to me? CANCELLED. McChickens, McNuggets, and the double cheeseburgers are so deceivingly good they should be illegal. I mean how can anyone be expected to eat…More

Seagulls? Cancelled

Seagulls. Cancelled. Boom. The literal worst birds on the planet. They fly around, poop wherever they want, eat our food, and scream all day. Basically rats that can fly. Even the fact that they can fly is just incredibly unfair. Also, they are supposed to live on the beach, but somehow they pop up no…More

About Us

It’s 2021. We now have a power no other generation has had: Cancel culture. So far, we have taken down lovable kids shows, syrup, and countless beloved celebrities. This is a great start, but here at Cancel Kingdom, we want to make sure it doesn’t end there. We find things we deem unworthy to exist, and don’t hesitate to cancel them. Trying to change things for the better, taking a moment to understand, and second chances are all terrible things of the past. Instead, we turn the entire internet against them and make sure they are destroyed. Be a part of the Cancel Kingdom. Be a part of the change. Together we can change the World.

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